Hermitian-Poisson Metrics on Flat Bundles over Complete Hermitian Manifolds


Changpeng PAN.Hermitian-Poisson Metrics on Flat Bundles over Complete Hermitian Manifolds[J].Chinese Annals of Mathematics B,2021,42(4):575~582
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Changpeng PAN;
Abstract: In this paper, the author solves the Dirichlet problem for Hermitian-Poisson metric equation √?1ΛωGH = λId and proves the existence of Hermitian-Poisson metrics on flat bundles over a class of complete Hermitian manifolds. When λ = 0, the HermitianPoisson metric is a Hermitian harmonic metric.


Flat bundle, Hermitian harmonic metric, Hermitian-poisson metric,Complete Hermitian manifolds


53C07, 58J35
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