Boundedness of Iterated Spherical Average on α-Modulation Spaces*


Qiang HUANG,Xiaomei WU.Boundedness of Iterated Spherical Average on α-Modulation Spaces*[J].Chinese Annals of Mathematics B,2021,42(5):721~736
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Qiang HUANG; Xiaomei WU


Science Foundation of Zhejiang Education Department (No. Y201738640) and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Nos. 11801518, 11671362).
Abstract: For the iteration of spherical average (A1)N and the Laplace operator ?, we consider the boundedness of the operator ?(A1)N on the α-modulation spaces Mp,q s,α. The authors obtain some sufficient and necessary conditions to ensure the boundedness on the α-modulation spaces. The main theorems significantly improve some known results.


Spherical average, α-Modulation spaces, Bessel functions


42B35, 42B15, 41A17
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