Introduction to CAM Ser. B


 Chinese Annals of Mathematics (CAM), founded in 1980 and sponsored by Fudan University under the supervision of the Ministry of Education of China, is a comprehensive international mathematical journal carrying original papers of high quality on pure and applied mathematics. CAM is published in two series:  Series A in Chinese and Series B in English. Both series come out bimonthly. Papers published in Series A are not included in Series B and vice versa.

The present Editorial Board of CAM Ser. B, established in 2006, is headed by Professor Li Ta-tsien,  Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Editor-in-Chief). The Editorial Board consists of 31 outstanding mathematicians from China, the United States, France, UK, Japan, Sweden, Brazil and Hong Kong, China (Editors), and 7 renowned mathematicians are invited as its Honorary Editors. Among the Editorial Board Members, 27 are Academicians of various countries, 4 are Fields Prize winners and 2 are Abel Prize winners.

CAM Ser. B pays close attention to recent developments of mathematical sciences in the world and has attained high recognition in the community of mathematics for its good quality. It is one of the Chinese core journals on natural sciences and one of the authoritative mathematical journals in China. CAM Ser. B is abstracted/indexed in 15 famous domestic and foreign periodicals or data bases, such as Science Citation Index Expand (SCIE), CompuMath Citation Index (CMCI), Current Mathematical Publications (CMP), Mathematical Review (MR), Zentralblatt MATH (ZM), Abstract Journals (AJ-PЖ), Japan Science and Technology Agency Database (JST), Chinese Science Citation Index (CSCI), Chinese Mathematical Abstracts (CMA) and Wanfang Data-Periodicals (ChinaInfo).

        The Editorial Board and Editorial Office of CAM Ser. B cooperated successively with Scientific Publishing Company (Swizerland) and World Scientific Publishing Company Private Limited (Singapore) in distributing the journal outside China. From 2006 on, CAM Ser. B is jointly published by the Editorial Office and Springer-Verlag and distributed in China by the Editorial Office and outside China by Springer-Verlag.

CAM Ser. B was successively elected an excellent scientific and technological journal of China, an excellent scientific and technological journal of the Ministry of Education of China or an excellent scientific and technological journal of Shanghai about 10 times. And it has been listed in “Granted Key Academic Journals on Basic Sciences and High Tech” by China Association for Science and Technology and the National Natural Science Foundation of China since 2001.

Organizer:The Ministry of Education of China Sponsor:Fudan University Address:220 Handan Road, Fudan University, Shanghai, China
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