Two Commuting Involutions Fixing RP1(2m + 1) S RP2(2m + 1)*


Suqian ZHAO,Yanying WANG,Jingyan LI.Two Commuting Involutions Fixing RP1(2m + 1) S RP2(2m + 1)*[J].Chinese Annals of Mathematics B,2021,42(5):737~742
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Suqian ZHAO; Yanying WANG;Jingyan LI


National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 11771116).
Abstract: Let Z2 denote a cyclic group of 2 order and Z22 = Z2 ×Z2 the direct product of groups. Suppose that (M, Φ) is a closed and smooth manifold M with a smooth Z22 -action whose fixed point set is the disjoint union of two real projective spaces with the same dimension. In this paper, the authors give a sufficient condition on the fixed data of the action for (M, Φ) bounding equivariantly.


Z22-action, Fixed data, Characteristic number, Simultaneous bordism,Stiefel-Whitney class


57R85, 57S17, 55N22
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