Riemannian Geometry on Hom-ρ-commutative Algebras*


Zahra BAGHERI.Riemannian Geometry on Hom-ρ-commutative Algebras*[J].Chinese Annals of Mathematics B,2022,43(2):175~194
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Abstract: Recently, some concepts such as Hom-algebras, Hom-Lie algebras, Hom-Lie admissible algebras, Hom-coalgebras are studied and some classical properties of algebras and some geometric objects are extended on them. In this paper by recalling the concept of Hom-ρ-commutative algebras, the authurs intend to develop some of the most classical results in Riemannian geometry such as metric, connection, torsion tensor, curvature tensor on it and also they discuss about differential operators and get some results of differential calculus by using them. The notions of symplectic structures and Poisson structures are included and an example of ρ-Poisson bracket is given.


Extended hyper-plan, Hom-ρ-commutative algebra, ρ-Poisson bracket


53B05, 53B21, 53C05
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