On the Decomposition Theorems for C-Algebras


Chunlan JIANG,Liangqing LI2,Kun WANG.On the Decomposition Theorems for C-Algebras[J].Chinese Annals of Mathematics B,2020,41(6):829~860
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Chunlan JIANG; Liangqing LI2;Kun WANG
Abstract: Elliott dimension drop interval algebra is an important class among all C?-algebras in the classification theory. Especially, they are building stones of AHD algebra and the latter contains all AH algebras with the ideal property of no dimension growth.In this paper, the authors will show two decomposition theorems related to the Elliott dimension drop interval algebra. Their results are key steps in classifying all AH algebras with the ideal property of no dimension growth.


C-algebra, Elliott dimension drop interval algebra, Decomposition theorem, Spectral distribution property


46L35, 46L80
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