Locally Conformal K¨ahler and Hermitian Yang-Mills Metrics


Jieming YANG.Locally Conformal K¨ahler and Hermitian Yang-Mills Metrics[J].Chinese Annals of Mathematics B,2021,42(4):511~518
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Jieming YANG;
Abstract: The author shows that if a locally conformal K¨ahler metric is Hermitian YangMills with respect to itself with Einstein constant c ≤ 0, then it is a K¨ahler-Einstein metric.In the case of c > 0, some identities on torsions and an inequality on the second Chern number are derived.


Hermitian Yang-Mills metric, Locally conformal K¨ahler metric, Torsion,Chern number inequality


53B35, 53C07, 53C55
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